Inspiring ideas to make your kids bedroom better

Some inspirational ideas makes kids bedroom better

Kids are a great blessing but life with kids turns into an adventure full of stress and tiredness all over the day. It starts when you wake up in the morning to hear “Mom, where are my socks? Where are my shoes? Where is my t-shirt?” and you start to search if they have left them in a wrong place as usual, till the evening when they say: “Mom, I wanna eat, drink, …”. As we all know, you are the first and last responsible for them and their belongings even if they are the ones who put them in a wrong place when they last came home. Therefore, we will help you organize your kids bedroom better.

Therefore, we provide you with some inspiring ideas to make your kids bedroom better in order to be more organized for you to deal with and for them as well.

A special place for their books and stories in the living room

make a special place in the living room’s bookcase for your kids favourite books

Everybody knows that children get bored so quickly of any toy no matter how lovely or new it is. A kid will play with a toy for a while and then throw it anywhere.

For that, we advise you to make a special place in the living room’s bookcase for your kids favorite books and stories as well as some paper and a crayon box for drawing, it can be a simple box that you may change from time to time in order not to get bored. This way, you help your kids get their energy out in drawing for a long time.

A small board

make your kids bedroom better by small board to write and draw

Almost all our homes have scribbles on the walls thanks to our children’s talents. They tend to express their writing and drawing talents by scribbling on the first open space they meet which is typically the wall. They hold their pencils and crayons and start to express themselves.

Here, we have a simple solution for you which is to bring them a small board in their bedroom or any corner of the home to write, draw and scribble whatever they want on. In order to keep your walls clean and clear and make your kids bedroom better.

Adjustable height chairs

bring your child adjustable height chair of a suitable size to be safe for him

If your kid once saw a chair being raised and lowered, he would like to try it himself as it is an exciting new experience for him. You can bring your child a chair of that kind but of a suitable size to be safe for him, so it will be a lovely experience without any risk. It adds to your kids bedroom’s decoration and makes it better.

A playground

making playground makes your kids bedroom better and have more fun to them

Sometimes it’s hard for you to get your children’s energy out properly as it affects their psychological and educational aspects. Of course, it is not that easy to go out at all times especially when you are busy with a particular issue. The solution is to make a playground in your home where your kids can play freely with a scooter or a small car whether in their room or in a corridor. Your kids will cheer up with this playground and have much fun as they have a better kids bedroom.


Artworks display area

make a special corner in your kidsroom to display his drawings and artworks

Your kid will be extremely happy when he is back from the kindergarten with his own drawings that he is so proud of. It’s very positive for him to feel your admiration and appreciation of his artworks. Especially if you make a special corner in his room or in a particular space of the home to display his drawings and artworks.

It makes your kids’ bedroom seem better with these drawings hanged on the walls. Every time he brings a new drawing, you can remove an old one and hang this new piece instead.

Hanging wall boxes for crayons

make your kids bedroom better by organize their crayons instead of being thrown away everywhere

When your kid find his crayons available and handy. this increases his creative abilities, encourages him to draw more, makes drawing his main hobby. And gets him a bit away from mobile phone and tablet which are useless for him at that young age.

It also helps in making a better kids bedroom by organizing his colors and crayons instead of being thrown away everywhere on the floor or on his study.

You should take care of the number of boxes you’re hanging crayons in. Put each kind of colors in a separate box, and put colors that needs to be used under your supervision in a special higher position that your kid can’t reach alone. Like water colors, gouache colors and glue otherwise it will be a great mess.

A kids’ table in the living room

If you have enough space in living, bring your kids small table to have fun with their toys

A lot of kids prefer to spend their playtime in the living room to be among their family as well as to watch TV. If you have enough space, bring them a small table with a drawer to store their favorite toys in. The best merit here is that they will be under your supervision all the time.

Clothes hangers on entryway wall

these hangers make your child organized

these hangers make it easy for you to accustom your kid to hang his jacket or bag on. So he will be an organized child. Even if you have a closet in the entryway for the small things, clothes hangers are a necessity.

A big wall clock

big wall clock makes organized child caring about the value of time

A clock teaches family members time commitment. It makes an organized child caring about the value of time and this becomes very obvious at playtime. For instance, when your kids are playing with a particular toy. You don’t have to get nervous or shout at them, but the simple solution is to tell them that everyone will have only half an hour to play with the toy and then he has to pass it to his brother.

In this case, they will recognize the value of time and focus on the clock to finish up playing before their playtime is over. Additionally, a clock adds a touch of decoration to your wall like it’s a work of art and makes your kids bedroom better.

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